VJ-POD A/B (aka R2D1 & R2D2)

After 7 years of gorilla experimentation with Amiga computers to generate animation loops, creating feedback using video cameras and lighting/laser operation for use in live performance environments; Emerged a drive to tightly synchronize those visual mediums to audio in a multifaceted, adaptable and synaesthetic fashion.

Enter VJ-POD A/B DIY garage project, or more affectionately known as R2D1 & R2D2. The construction and components consist of eight Amiga computers, four video Genlocks, two video cameras, two VHS players, Serial/Parallel/VGA switch boxes, Infrared and RF transmitters/receivers. All hardware is velcro set into two standard hospital linen trolleys retrofitted with several custom built adjustable triangular shelves. Two 1084s monitors, four mice and keyboards straddle each unit via custom designed frames which are refashioned from the relics an old rusty trailer canopy frame.

Some 140 & 90 cable patch points in each POD respectively allow them both to work in unison or tandem. The master MIDI pulse that triggers all computer playback of all relevant multi-media derives from one CD32 computer running Octamed game audio Mod tracker software. The two A2000, A1200, A500 and remaining CD32 computers output industry MIDI, DMX, SMTE, TC and TONE control protocols in a way that allows recording and repeatable performance control of animation, video, audio and lighting/laser.

PODS by MMM c1997/98.

Mandala < Adem Jaffers > Shelve, frame, POD-tek and robotic design/build
Muznik Force < James Murray > POD--tek co-design
Mutoid Waste < Robin Cook > Shelve and frame co-design and manufacture

Check out the hard/software config, visual output and PODs.

VJ-PODS run in conjustion with the Lego robotic video feedback REALITY ENIGINE

Core performance software

Octamed - Audio/Midi Sequencer
Alladin - Lighting Sequencer
Elan - Animation Sequencer
DPaint - Realtime Paint