:[ v j m a n d a l a ]:

aka nuero.. tekno mandala.. mandala..

:[ b i o ]:
b i o g r a p h y
Like what is says :)  
:[ e x h i b i t ]:
e x h i b i t i o n

A detailed list of all events performed @ since 1989. Includes raves, clubs, talks, exhibitions, festivals & live bands; local, abroad.

:[ r e a l t i m e ]:
r e a l t i m e
Live VJ recordings since the early 1990's of performances @ home, parties, exhibits & on C31 public-teevees Cyberthon events.  
:[ i S O t o p e ]:
i S O t o p e 1 4 4
VJ-iSOtope144 - pototype VJ machinema performace game mod UN-realised in UEd.  
:[ p o d ]:
p o d s
Custom Amiga hardware performance patches (PODS) for experimentation with multi-layered imagery & video feedback.  
:[ r o b o t i c s ]:
r o b o t i c s
Reality-Engine: lego robotics used to create video feedback. Programed in LOGO using Dacta software.
:[ a r t ]:
  A bunch of still art using various mediums.  
:[ t l e ]:
Tiny Little Engines of Creation,
Music Video experimentation in audio to visual transposition 1998.



:[ m u t a n t ]:
  Music created by Mutant during the past 5 years.
:[ t a t t o o ]:
  Tattoo translation of my birth day.
Inked by Rio at Jabbz Studio in Long Beach Cal 1999 and Moses at The Darling Parlour Balmain NSW 2012.
:[ t r a v e l ]:
A travel tiding from my travels following my family roots in Macedonia and Albania 2014.



:[ g e n e s ]:
An attempt to map out the Musaka & Suleymani family tree.



:[ j j j a ]:
  An organic jam session - between VJ Mandala & Fairy Blue Bell - still in constant fractal evolution..